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At DoctorsPlace Medical Weight Loss Center, we offer a safe and effective weight loss program that is closely monitored by our physician. We treat both adolescents and adults in a patient friendly environment that has proven to be beneficial for the wellbeing of our patients. Our nursing staff is well trained in various aspects of weight loss and diet counseling, and is available to our clients on an as needed and confidential basis.

The initial visit to our Medical Weight Loss Center consists of a consultation with the physician. The patient’s medical history, social and family history, and nutritional status are reviewed. A physical exam is performed, and the patient’s current weight, height and BMI are taken into consideration. A follow up visit with the physician is done one week later to evaluate the patient’s response and make any necessary changes. Thereafter, the patient sees the physician once monthly. Each patient will be provided a dietary regimen tailored to their individual weight loss program, along with a grocery list for easy acclimation. We also provide each of our patients with food diaries and proper reading material to help ensure their success along their weight loss journey.

Patients are scheduled weekly for nurse visits during which weight checks, blood pressure assessments and nurse consultations are performed. These visits are used to monitor the patient’s health, compliance, nutritional intake and weight loss. All progress is reported directly to the physician for proper evaluation and advisement. Many patients are contacted between visits by phone for encouragement and further evaluation. Here at the DoctorsPlace Medical Weight Loss Center, we try very hard to establish a committed relationship with our patients.

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